Sheree Price, Clinical Intern

Greenlake Wellness Group and Clinical Intern Sheree Price

My Self

I am empathetic, curious, grounded, and patient. As a Pacific Northwest native, I love being outside and participating in activities that allow me to celebrate the beauty of the greater Seattle area, as well as cultivate and strengthen the relationships in my life.

My Belief

I believe in growth and change.  My hope is to allow room for a transparent, nonjudgmental, and encouraging environment, where clients can explore difficult emotions and challenges. I am devoted to allowing you the space and insight to work toward living your life in a way that brings meaning to you.

My Work

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor candidate and clinical intern. I have had special training in working with trauma, anxiety, and depression, in both one-on-one settings and group work. I work alongside a clinical supervisor and am involved in consultation groups at Greenlake Wellness. These groups enable my experiences at Greenlake Wellness, allowing me to gain further insight from practitioners of various backgrounds and specialties.

My Background

I received my Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology from Northwest University and am scheduled to graduate from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in June 2019, with my Master of Arts (MA) degree in Counseling Psychology.

My Contact

Please reach me through the Program Supervisor for Greenlake Wellness Group: