Roy Wang, MA, LMHCA

Greenlake Wellness Group Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and Roy Wang, LMHCA

My Self

I am a deep explorer of the mystery of life and human consciousness. My interest in psychology began after reflecting on my closest relationships and the unresolved pain I felt in them. Thus, began my journey of awakening and remembering the deepest truths of who I am. This journey has required a lot of risk taking, letting go of self-limiting patterns and beliefs, being vulnerable and honest with myself, and learning how to enjoy the journey instead of obsessing over the destination. It has been both a painful and a joyful journey which has contributed to a greater feeling of aliveness in my daily living. I grieve more honestly when sad and I smile and laugh more when happy. It is this same journey for which I desire to be a temporary guide for others, in their paths of awakening. 

My Belief

I believe we are each a representation of universal consciousness. By interacting with one another, we see a reflection of our own nature and the nature of the universe. Learning to compassionately take in what is being mirrored to us by another person helps us become aware of aspects in ourselves that we love (our “light”) and aspects of ourselves that we hate and disown (our “shadow”). It is through integrating our light and our shadow that we become more whole and remember who we are. This journey often brings about existential fears as we experience a cracking in our deeply held beliefs and identities (e.g. “Who am I if I am not who I’ve always thought I was?”). 

Letting go of previous self-conceptions can be challenging. As a therapist, I see my role as a temporary guide for those on this beautiful and scary journey. Sensing that someone is compassionately present with us can give us the support we need to access our deepest reservoirs of courage and transform our pain into new life. We all inherently possess the power, wisdom, and answers to our troubles. I believe by returning to the wisdom of our intuition and through acting upon it, we begin to reclaim our power and spirit.

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

- Anaïs Nin

My Work

I specialize in working with individuals who experience depression and isolation from the rest of the world. In today’s fast-paced society, many experience an ever-increasing sense of disconnectedness from other people and from their own self. Social relationships inside and outside the work place can feel dangerous and sometimes too messy to bother with. These social relationships are where we often experience our greatest joys as well as our greatest pains. As social creatures, we can only endure so long a period of aloneness before we begin to become restless, dissatisfied, and depressed.

My role is to support clients in uncovering and naming the areas of their lives where they experience an absence of energy and color. The therapeutic approaches I incorporate in this process are somatic based therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and relational psychotherapy. 

From a somatic perspective, I believe healing the mind requires working with the body. This may include exploring nonverbal communication or movement exercises with my client. The body is where we hold our emotions and it often carries wisdom that cannot be put into words. Tuning into the body’s wisdom and allowing the body to express itself will aid in releasing stuck emotional energy, creating more room for a person’s life force to flow again.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) theory holds that there are many personalities that exist within one’s psyche. Exploring each of these personalities and their voices builds a better picture of a person’s internal world and how those internal interactions may be helping or impeding their ability to get what they want.

From a relational approach, I bring the fullness of who I am into the therapeutic alliance. My intent is to provide a containing environment where clients can learn to trust and bring their most authentic selves. I collaborate with clients in determining a pace tailored to their needs while creating room to push their growth edges when appropriate.

Therapy is not only about talking about one’s problems, it is also about communicating how well the therapist and client work together. I do not assume perfection as a therapist and acknowledge that I will make mistakes and not provide everything a client needs or wants. This is where I desire to create room for clients to create dialogue with me, like co-creating a piece of jazz improv.

I believe that some of our deepest pain comes from disagreements or arguments with loved ones where there was never mutual reconciliation between the people involved. By working through areas of conflict my client and I may discover, we create the possibility for mutual understanding and healthy models of communication. These skills and experiences can then be carried into relationships outside of therapy and enrich relations with loved ones and people in the workplace.

My Background

I hold a Mental Health Counselor Associate License (LMHCA) and received my Master’s in Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. My training is primarily in psychodynamic psychotherapy with a focus on early childhood experiences and how those experiences unconsciously influence and direct present day behaviors and beliefs. I also draw upon guided visualization, meditation, and movement therapy techniques to access, express, and alleviate repressed emotional energy. 

I completed my clinical internship working as a school-based therapist in a middle school and a high school. I have also worked for over two years in an in-patient residential facility for people struggling with eating disorders. I continue to study and attend continuing education trainings to expand my experience and repertoire of ways I can better guide clients in their own healing.

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