Monica Sager, MA, MHP, LMHC

Greenlake Wellness Group and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Monica Sager, LMHC

My Self

I became a counselor because I’ve always loved hearing people’s stories. I’ve admired the resilient, courageous nature of humankind and found myself needing to contribute to it. My life has been full of transitions, such as frequent family relocation as a military child. Great change taught me how to nurture the parts of myself that have been disrupted or lost. Courage for me has meant leaning in- and saying yes- to the security that relationships offer while not letting past experiences of loss or disappointment prevent me from trusting. Everyone has a story about what courage looks like for them. I’m grateful to witness what that story looks like for you.

My Belief

I believe growth and healing are possible for everyone. Life can be full of disappointments and can feel like there isn’t always a safe place to organize thoughts around our experiences. Therapy can serve as a safe place to more fully explore the implications of these thoughts and experiences.

I believe long-term transformation and healing begins with authenticity toward ourselves and others. I’m honored to join my clients in uncovering what healing looks like for them. The truth is that we all have blind spots that even therapists cannot fully explore without the help of another. I therefore believe in the therapy-client relationship as one that can sharpen and deepen insight beyond what a person can achieve on their own.

My Work

For me, therapy is about healing from the inside out. This means I focus less on a client’s symptoms and more on the bio-psycho-social factors at play. One of my main goals is to help my clients simply become the truest version of themselves possible. To accomplish this, I foster authenticity and honesty, as well as balance and integration. I invite my clients to take a closer look at the neglected or unexamined parts of themselves to better understand what they need.

I work from a relational psychodynamic psychotherapy model which allows me to explore underlying causes more deeply and authentically with clients. We address your felt-experiences, the nonverbal, the unconscious, the projected, and other parts of yourself. I am especially interested in understanding individuals in the context of their relationships.

My Background

I graduated with my BA in sociology from Western Washington University in 2013. I soon learned that I craved deep connections in my work, so I went on to get my MA of Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, obtaining my degree in 2016. During the last year of my program I worked at a child and family clinic as a clinical intern. Upon graduation, I accepted a position at the same clinic and worked there for several years. I am certified in and utilize and CBT+ and motivational interviewing. I consult regularly with a clinical supervisor and peers, whom I also rely upon for diversifying my clinical perspective.

My Contact

I meet with individuals, couples and teens on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.