Cobi Konadu, Licensed Massage Therapist

Greenlake Wellness Group and Licensed Massage Therapist Cobi Konadu, LMT

My Self

I describe myself as a forever student, one who has continual curiosity about the human body as it moves through life. I’m fortunate to have found a line of work that keeps me engaged, curious, and adding value to the lives of others. It’s my life’s mission to provide accessible tools, information, and therapy to help empower people in their health and well-being. Myofascial Release and Jin Shin Jyutsu have profoundly changed my life. They have given me the tools to communicate with my body in a way that helps me continually heal and find daily harmony in this modern world. 

My Belief

I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to feel good in their body. My love for educating my clients helps deepen their connection to themselves while expanding their awareness. My work with Myofascial Release and Jin Shin Jyutsu allows me to facilitate the restoration of health back to the body in a way that is non-invasive and works with the body's innate intelligence. I believe these tools were a gift given to me to share with the world.

My Work

I provide holistic, non-invasive therapies utilizing Myofascial Release and Jin Shin Jyustu for adults and teens. I’m experienced in working with people who are seeking pain relief from acute and/or chronic issues, increased mobility and range of motion, recovery from injuries, stress relief, mental/emotional grounding, and overall maintenance of daily health and well-being. My aim is to make my practice accessible, educational and empowering to those I work with and to understand the language of their body.

My Background

I am Licensed Massage Therapist, advanced certified Yoga Teacher, and a skilled practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu®. My talent, knowledge and inspiration are changing the lives of those I work with. I have woven together my background of graphic design and fashion with yoga, healing, and meditation to make a dynamic offering to my clients. My practice is infused with a love for community and a passion of educating wellness-oriented audiences.

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